Meet Clare: A working mum at Hastings Direct

I joined Hastings Direct Claims department in 1998 when it was a much smaller organisation. Despite the huge growth of the company in recent years, one thing that hasn’t changed is how well I’ve been looked after as a colleague at Hastings Direct.

My hours originally covered evenings as I had young children. As the children grew, my hours were able to grow too and I am so grateful for the understanding I’ve received to help me flex around my family. In 2012, I successfully applied to be a Team Leader on a full time basis.

I’ve always felt valued and respected by everyone around me. As well as flexing my working hours, I’ve had bereavement support and guidance with my career aspirations. Regardless of my need, I always know where and how I can get support.

I’m often asked why I’ve stayed so long at Hastings Direct. It’s not laziness or lack of ambition. – why would I leave? I have everything I need for a good work-life balance and I’ve made some great friends, many of whom have been here nearly as long as me!

One thing that’s impressed me most recently is the focus on mental wellbeing. The available support spreads far and wide from a brief chat, to a having wellbeing meetings, alongside free weekly mindfulness and Pilates classes for everyone.

Now both my children also work here! They’ve formed their own career journey and equally feel valued. You can imagine my poor husband having to listen us all talking about Hastings Direct at the dinner table! Before you ask… I’ve tried to get him in, but he’s happy doing what he does!

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