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Gill McKenna


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Hi, I’m Gill McKenna.

First and fore-most I am a very proud mother of three amazing children. I know first-hand that balancing motherhood with career ambition is never, ever a walk in the park.

There are always challenges unique to every parent. Over 16 years I have faced many hurdles in juggling career and family and know the pitfalls and issues of balancing both, which can be experienced.

The important thing is I have overcome and grown from this experience and coupled with my 25+ years in the leadership, personal development and consulting space I can truly help you navigate the sometimes choppy waters of returning to work after time out for family.

Facing your career fears head on and challenging your growth and transformation are what I am all about.

With the right coaching, advice and support an amazing balance can be struck, where not only are you enriched in your contribution to any future employer as a result of your ongoing experience as a mother, but also through your passion to re-ignite and empower your career.

My FREE Private FB group, ‘Career Boss With Gill McKenna’, is the perfect starting point for any mother looking to return to work and reboot their career. Free podcasts, career boosting articles, live video sessions and regular self-development challenges are all on offer to my valued members in this like-minded community.

Come join us and see how easily you can channel your ambition and drive to gear up for your return to your own amazing career. Click here to learn more.

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