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Joanne Fourtanier


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Jo FOURTANIER – Coach specialised in accompanying individuals & businesses through periods of change

I am a professional coach & supervisor with 15 years experience in helping individuals, business leaders, and professionals remain focused & integral whilst adapting, adjusting and growing. I also have over 20 years of business experience leading companies & teams, and as a consultant & trainer in areas such as authentic leadership, team management & collective intelligence, action learning, and co-development cultures. I am the mother of teenage sons with years of personal experience in juggling the priorities of raising a family, whilst working & managing challenges in my professional & personal life.

My approach is person-centred and the point of departure with my clients is to understand & clarify their “foundations” (current context, values, needs, priorities, …) , which then enables us to move forward with the specific objectives. I view coaching as a partnership where, through respectful questioning, challenging, and positive reinforcement, I help clients find the right answers for them.

My intention is to create a space where people can stop & take a step back, and a relationship in which they feel comfortable sharing as well as questioning themselves & reflecting. I work to help clients focus on & express their needs, better understand their reactions & behaviour, think through how to overcome obstacles, challenge themselves, develop & grow, and gain confidence.

I am based in Toulouse, France but do much of my coaching & supervision work remotely by video or phone using tools such as Skype or zoom. In the past I staunchly believed that face-to-face coaching was the most effective; today I am convinced that remote coaching is a very appropriate, flexible & effective approach for an increasingly large number of clients.

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