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MLMS Free Zone, Here's Why...

Why At The FindYourFlex Group We Don’t Support MLM’s

By Guest Author | Apr 16, 2019

Our Stand Against (MLMs) Multi Level Marketing Schemes. One of the last times I saw my university lecturer we were talking about what my plans were for the future. I outlined a strict timetable that included having a part time job, writing at the weekends and evenings, and somehow having a couple of kids who […]

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Mum holding up child in sea with sunset

The Great Baby And Career Balancing Act

By Guest Author | Dec 6, 2018

How I Balanced A Baby And A Career Guest Post By Lyndsey Shankland As a businesswoman, my whole adult life was dedicated to my career in recruitment. I loved it! Balancing a baby and a career hadn’t been on the agenda. My true passion was my career, my reason for being, and everything else could […]

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Woman working in construction, hi vis jacket

Women In Construction…

By the-boss | Sep 25, 2018

Building Your Future Women in construction – It’s a thing. It’s fair to say however that construction has long been thought of as a typical job for the boys. From Auf Weidersehen Pet to Bob The Builder, most representations of the industry have been very male-dominated. But, as Bob Dylan noted, “the times they are […]

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An HR Journey with Pitney Bowes!

By the-boss | Aug 16, 2018

This Mum Can… I have multiple jobs in my life, (1) mummy to two crazy, beautiful, boisterous boys (2) wife and general domestic goddess 😉 (3) career HR professional looking to change the world! Life is busy, my mind is busy. Lack of time frustrates me, yet I am determined to make it all work. […]

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Meet Clare: A working mum at Hastings Direct

By the-boss | Aug 13, 2018

I joined Hastings Direct Claims department in 1998 when it was a much smaller organisation. Despite the huge growth of the company in recent years, one thing that hasn’t changed is how well I’ve been looked after as a colleague at Hastings Direct. My hours originally covered evenings as I had young children. As the […]

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Mums Enterprise Events London

ShootForTheMoon With Mums Enterprise

By Helen Miller | Jul 18, 2018

Getting Mums Back Into Work #ShootForTheMoon With Mums Enterprise In June two members of the MummyJobs, DaddyJobs and FlexIsBest team attended The Mums Enterprise event in Manchester. We were so overwhelmed with the numbers that we plan to have the whole team there at the two day event in London in September. We spoke to so many mums from start […]

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Needle in a haystack


By the-boss | Jul 3, 2018

Childcare Options And Flexible Working Finding the right childcare options when working full time or flexibly can be like finding a needle in a haystack. If you do find that needle it is often a diamond! Parents spend up to 45% of their disposable income on childcare. When it comes to a return to work, […]

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Is a return to Marketing in your future?

By the-boss | Jun 20, 2018

Always liked the idea of marketing? Can you communicate clearly, both in writing and speech? Are you a problem solver? Can you crunch numbers? Are you an ideas person? If yes, then marketing could be the new career pathway you’ve been looking for. But, what actually is marketing? Many people throw the word around not […]

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Coaching Skills for Parents from Positive Parenting

By the-boss | Jun 7, 2018

How many of us went to the University of Parenting? How many of us were given a manual when we had our first babies? Where is that rulebook, the one that tells us what to do, when & how, the one that tells us how to deal with teenagers? There’s plenty of advice out there, […]

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