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Reflect, Refresh and Recharge

By the-boss | Aug 10, 2017

Refresh, reflect and recharge Sometimes we just need a little push. To try a new food, to explore a new country, sometimes just to get out of bed in the morning. But often we don’t think about pushing ourselves. The Summer, with the lighter evenings, warmer weather (theoretically) and slightly quieter workplaces due to various […]

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Summer, Summer, Summertime!

By Jenn Brown | Jul 24, 2017

Schools are out, fine weather is here (for the moment) and the mood in the workplace is suddenly much brighter – until all but one fan breaks in your un-air-conditioned office. If you’re looking for a new role however, this isn’t the best season for you. With many taking longer breaks throughout the Summer holidays, […]

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Travelling with children

Surviving the un-survivable – travelling with children

By Jenn Brown | Jul 13, 2017

It’s finally Summer, the season we’ve all been waiting for! You’ve been working hard all year and now is the time to pack those new bikinis, that over-sized hat you’ll likely never wear and of course, more shoes than the number of days you’re away. But before you get carried away with the packing there’s […]

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Enjoying the great outdoors – without disrupting your working day

By the-boss | Jun 20, 2017

We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve come home from a day at work and realised the longest we have spent outside, is the distance from the car to the office or front door. As we’re now heading into Summer, we thought we’d put together some ideas on how you can get that all […]

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Fathers Day treats for those special Daddies

By Jenn Brown | Jun 7, 2017

It’s that time of year again, where us Mums put on our thinking caps to come up with a Father’s Day gift (meant to be a job for the children, always ends up being ours) to make Daddy feel appreciated. Now, this doesn’t need to cost a fortune. If the children do give their input, […]

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Bank holiday and half term heroes

Bank Holiday and Half Term heroes

By Jenn Brown | May 24, 2017

We all know the feeling; leaving work on Friday knowing you are heading into a Bank Holiday weekend and the sheer elation you feel. The possibilities are endless! A spa day with the girls, a cheeky night away with your other half, or even a wild night out and the now all too familiar two-day […]

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THE MUMMY of mummyjobs is very, very, tired.

By the-boss | May 12, 2017

THE MUMMY of mummyjobs has spent nearly every night of the last 2 weeks on the phone to the GoDaddy web development team in Arizona. This time it’s because she has accidentally deleted half of the Home Page (F.M.L.) and at 2am, CANNOT be arsed to try and fanny around figuring out how to get it […]

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Don’t give in to guilt, you’ve worked hard for your career

By the-boss | May 9, 2017

When you have children, your list of job roles suddenly multiplies. You become a mother, a caregiver, a nurse, a protector and many more. But one title many mothers feel guilty about is one they held long before their little bundle came along; employee. Some women will choose to step right back into their career, […]

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