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Whether you use us 'as and when' or sign up to be one of our 'annual partners', you will always get the benefit of promoting your #FlexIsBest roles across,, as 'Standard' and as 'Premium' we give you access to our Social followers too.


Got something special to post ?

If you just need a #mummyjobber, #daddyjobber or #flexisbester right now, then grab any of our 28 day listings and be live onsite within the hour.


Create Impact

Sometimes a listing just doesn't say enough about you.

But a picture (or more importantly - your brand)...






...can paint a thousand words.

Deeper Engagement

There are several options if you want to spice up your campaign and benefit from a deeper engagement with our mum, dad and flexisbest audience. You can work with us to help build a lasting solution to your #FlexibleWorking campaigns. Whether you want a bit of movement or editorial content, you can choose between a blog, a parallax image, a slideshow or even a looping video on any part of our site.

Go Monthly or become an Annual Partner!

A great partner deserves great rewards with our fantastic value for money creative package options. Now it's time for you to get creative and explore the possibilities.

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