So which one was it?

Mat leave, Pat leave or an extended Career Break... it doesn't matter which really, the recruitment industry as well as direct employers can take a dim view of 'returners' at times, so we thought we better start promoting the great companies who do value the skills and experience that you have accrued over the years.

We intend to spend the next year Spotlighting 12 great industries that you can re-skill in to, or use skills that you already have - to apply for the best firms within that sector as a returning parent. The most flexible roles, great family benefits and family friendly employers all in one place.

We really hope that you will enjoy this month's issue of Spotlight.


Up until Christmas...

We will be highlighting careers suitable for 'Returners' and 'Family Focussed' mums and dads in the following 3 areas.

 These 3 sections will offer the latest flexible, full, part, job share and contract roles as well as some excellent online training courses to help you reskill and refresh both yourself and your CV so that you are ready to apply!

Speaking of applying, we have our CV Knowhow team on standby to give you some free CV advice and if your feeling especially lazy they will completely overhaul or write it for you for a very well spent £99!

We also have a great video giving you hints, tips and last minute confidence before that all important interview - waiting for you just below...

There is also a bucket load of blogs offering moral support, success stories and an all round good read for any Mum or Dad looking to return to the workplace.

If there is something missing that you need for your journey back to work, then drop us a line and we will do our best to get it for you!

A career in Retail, Contact Centres or Hospitality?

How qualified do you need to be? Well, in this issue of Spotlight, we have a small competition for our readers. Let us know what level of education you have, along with your Top 3 skills and be in with the chance to win a £100 high street voucher to help out with your 'interview ready' style.

This months spotlight is reserved for Hospitality


We bet that many of you, when you were children, loved playing at Tea Parties and Picnica. We also bet that it’s something your children do and love too.

So why not take the ‘playing’ back into the real world?

We’ve given it some thought and here are our top reasons why a career in Hospitality is a great idea.

Spotlight Quick Picks

Customer Service Advisor

Office based, Ringwood!

29.5 Hours Per Week

Delivery Drivers

UK wide!

Flexible Hours

Customer Representatives

Office based, Yeovil!

Flexible hours

Customer Representative

Office Based, Leicester!

Weekends Only

Hospitality Spotlight

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