Health(care) and happiness

Thinking of getting back into – or retraining in – healthcare? Great idea, because your life as a mummy means you already have a lot of the skills needed – although let’s not try any major medical procedures just yet!

A destination of choice...

Yorkshire Based Roles

Too often care workers are under appreciated but at Visiting Angels we put our caregivers at the centre of our business to make sure they can deliver a truly person-centered service.

UK Wide Franchise

Paediatric first aid is not a prerequisite for new parents… but it should be.  Daisy First Aid are making it easy, fun and affordable for adults and children to acquire the skills that could ultimately save a life.

Liverpool & London based Roles

We are one of the largest providers of community-based social care services in the UK. Every day, thousands of people with care needs are supported to continue living independently at home by our operating companies.

Train Your Way Back

Health & Social Care

This course has been designed to give students a full overview of all you need to know to work as a carer, even if you are new to the industry. You will learn everything from how to safely handle other people to how to safely use technological advances in the workplace. We have ensured that this course contains all the information required to enhance your future or current career.

Introduction to Midwifery

The Introduction to Midwifery Certificate course is filled with instruction that will put you on the path to beginning a career as a successful midwife. Midwifery is one of the oldest professions in the world. This course will cover several concepts associated with midwifery, including the history of the profession, how to become a midwife and how to practice as a midwife.

Child Psychology Diploma

During childhood, there is a rapid development of the mind and body. This course will give you a full introduction to the study of child psychology, and as you work through the material, you will obtain a much deeper understanding of how psychologists work with children to improve their psychological states.

A message from our Sponsor

Visiting Angels has been providing care across the world for 20 years. Our business has been built on recruiting, training and supporting the very best carers and enabling them to deliver premium quality care. We know that our caregivers are brilliant, loving, professional people doing amazing work that makes a real difference.