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An HR Journey with #FlexibleWorking in mind!

I have multiple jobs in my life, (1) mummy to two crazy, beautiful, boisterous boys (2) wife and general domestic goddess 😉 (3) career HR professional looking to change the world! Life is busy, my mind is busy, I get frustrated by my lack of time, yet am determined to make it all work. Determined to make a difference.

This is all made possible with trust and empowerment, complete workplace autonomy from thought to working arrangements and amazing childcare. Me and the hubby manage nursery pick up and drop off, we don’t have family who can look after the kids, having understanding childcare provision is so important to me.

Rewind back to 2003, studying for a degree in HR & Business, I didn’t want to be one of those people who ‘just had a degree’ I wanted to be the one who had real life experience. Understood how things worked on a practical level. So having worked in River Island and New Look evenings and at the weekend and of course, loving a bit of retail therapy, I connected with retailers to ask them to take me on for FREE in their HR team. I was so desperate to have that leading edge that I was happy to work a day a week for nothing. Sooo grateful to the HR Director, and the team at Faith Footwear Limited, who fully integrated me and gave me fabulous insights, projects and learning opportunities. You’ll be pleased to know that they did pay me too ;-).

From there I went to TUI for a short stint, until they closed their Greater London House office, then to Sodexho. I worked under a superb manager who gave me huge learning opportunities to really find my feet.

Then, starting to get more settled at home, with a fur baby too, I made the move to Pitney Bowes which was closer to home. Fast forward 11 years and I’m still here. I work with a collaborative, exciting and dynamic leadership team. I’m proud to work with them. They embrace my crazy, quirky ideas and I’m part of their team. None of this exciting stuff would be possible without their engagement, and the support of others in the HR team. I partner closely with my Talent Acquisition partners who have joined me on this journey.

“At Pitney Bowes we recognise the importance of building a diverse and inclusive pipeline of talent. We’re a growing business, almost 100 years old, and we’re currently in the middle of an exciting transformation. Our people play a crucial part in this journey.”

I’m hugely excited and proud that in 2018 we launched a collection of Family Friendly roles. From a contingent workforce model, school hours, term time to job pairs. With every sales role that we have, we always consider each time – can we make this work differently? Every step of the way we are assessing the effectiveness of these roles, determining ways to engage the talent pool and tell them about our unique value proposition.

Along with our Family Friendly roles, we created our Charter, to help explain our commitment to this space:

“Family life is important. We get it. At Pitney Bowes we recognise the importance of balancing work and personal life. We offer fantastic career opportunities, flexibility, but most importantly, understanding.”

We welcome applications from those who want to be able to care of loved ones, older and younger, and those of the furry kind. Those who want flexibility, those who want to quit the 9-5 or those who just occasionally are able to connect with their work selves.

At the end of Q3 we will complete a formal review of these roles and the impact that they have had on our organisation, our teams and on the lives of those who we have been able to welcome in to the workplace. I’m passionate and I care. I cannot wait to see how this intervention transforms our employee experience.

If you’d like to learn more about who we are, our offering or simply network to understand how we can create the platform for more flexibility in the workplace get in touch! Drop me a line at: