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Flying The Flag For #FlexibleWorking

At The Mummyjobs Group we do job boards differently. We have a Global Social Agenda which makes us committed to sharing the value to businesses of #FlexibleWorking, so that we can help as many parents find #WorkThatWorks and we don't just mean PART TIME!

We want to enable families to prosper.

We are committed to getting as many of the Millions of stuck at home parents back in to the work place by championing #FlexibleWorking and educating employers to let them know that this can still mean access to plenty Full Time employees!!!

Here at The Mummyjobs Group, we like to go the extra mile, so even though we are NOT a Social Enterprise, we LOVE to work like one! So for you, that means we post your role (as standard) on Mummyjobs, Daddyjobs & FlexISBest.com… we also post your ads on a dual branded campaign on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn channels before re-investing a portion of your spend in to a GEO-targeted Mum & Dad specified Facebook campaign, ensuring we reach as many of the Millions of 'stuck at home' parents as possible each month.

This means that even as a ‘start-up’, we regularly reach over 1.3M parents each month across all of our platforms… Because of this, our average response rate is around 1k views per listing across all industry sectors, earning an average of 62 applications per vacancy posted.

Quality Service

A state of the art new site launch, with powerful geographically targeted campaigns for all of our users - delivering the best response!

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A dedicated account handler ensuring a smooth delivery of both onsite collateral, social marketing and end of campaign analysis.

Award Winning

We recently won the Lotus Award for Culture, Innovation & Sustainability, as well as being nominated for WeAreTheCity Rising Star and StartUp100.

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