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Offering a Flexible way to Re-Train, Get Confidence and Search the BEST Flexible job in the UK.

The Mummyjobs Group… Facilitating Life.

Life. It happens when you least expect it.

Whether it’s a new child, an illness, care responsibilities or you just find that the traditional 9 to 5 doesn’t work for you, we can help you #FindYourFlex.

Our community is made up of a huge social network which you can find on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, so feel free to join the conversation there, you will find it packed with other like-minded parent and flexers!

Onsite here you will find professional support through our dedicated Career, Life & Confidence Coaches, our CV Writers & our Interview technique videos as well as access to all our HUGELY discounted Online FLEXIBLE CPD Accredited courses to help you retrain into a role that gives you the flexibility you need to make your life work!

Finally we will give you access to some fantastically flexible employers and all the latest and BEST flexible employment opportunities found across the UK.

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#FlexibleWorking is growing in the UK and we have had the pleasure of working with MANY flexible employers over the last 2 years, offering roles searchable within our ‘6 Pillars’ of flexibility :

Full Time Flexi / Part Time / Full Time Condensed

Remote Working / Term Time Only / Job Share

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